Community Based Rehabilitation

United Aid for Azerbaijan

Yasamal CBR (since 2004) – 1819 children benefited

Ganja CBR (since 2004) – 1300 children benefited

Khachmaz CBR (since 2005) – 1200 children benefited

Jalilabad CBR (since 2013) – 193 children benefited

Bilasuvar (since 2012) – 197 children benefited

CBR– It is a strategy for rehabilitation, social integration, and equalization of opportunities of people with disabilities in a community. CBR is implemented through the initiatives of PWD, their families, organizations and community, different state and non-state health, education and social service organizations.

 (as defined by joint statement of WHO, ILO, UNESCO in 2014)

The goal is to reach every child, youth and adult with disabilities……in order to achieve inclusion, rehabilitation, access, services, integration, development etc.

How do we reach every child, youth and adult with disabilities?

Through providing trainings, home visiting to find the children isolated from society, inviting the media to cover our work, opening community-based services, holding community meetings and engaging local authorities in our work.

5 essential points of CBR

  • CBR is a program approach, strategy, not a method of rehabilitation.
  • CBR is a program that involves rehabilitation, raising public awareness, empowerment of children with disabilities and their families, early intervention services, inclusive education services, social inclusion through leisure and sports activities.
  • CBR mobilizes the whole community to improve opportunities for children and adults with disabilities.
  • CBR is based on passing basic skills to community-based workers so that the program is sustainable  and can grow over time
  • It is ESSENTIAL to involve the parents and families members in the rehabilitation and inclusion activities.

Who can use CBR centre services?

The range of problems for children aged 0-18 who apply to UAFA’s community-based services is very different: Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, autism, mental and physical developmental disorders of different levels, behavioral problems, hyperactivity, speech problems, etc.

All sessions carried out in the UAFA centers are integrative – typical children may also participate with their siblings who have development issues. Based on successful practice of many countries in this area and the long-term experience of UAFA, it is obvious that such sessions are not only needed, but also important for the development of these children.  Most of them are excluded from education and UAFA’s centres are the only place where they can meet other children and socialise.

After 3 years of visiting children with disabilities at home and providing rehabilitation services for them, UAFA started the CBR program in 2004 with the support of the local Executive Authorities in Yasamal, Khachmaz and Ganja.

In 2011, the Ministry of Finance approved UAFA’s proposal to finance a pilot project to contract NGO service providers. Since 2012, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection has contracted UAFA’s Yasamal, Khachmaz and Ganja Centers. In 2015, service coverage expanded to Bilasuvar, Jalilabad and Shamkir. In 2017, our services included Sumgayit region.