CBR – Community Based Rehabilitation

CBR is a strategy for rehabilitation, equalization of opportunities, poverty reduction and social inclusion of PWD (as defined by joint statement of WHO, ILO, UNESCO in 2004)

5 essential points about CBR:

  1. CBR is a program approach, not a method of rehabilitation
  2. CBR programs may include centre-based rehabilitation, home-based rehabilitation, raising public awareness, empowerment of children and families, early  intervention services, inclusive education services, social inclusion through leisure and sports activities and etc
  3. CBR involves the whole community to improve opportunities for children and adults with disabilities
  4. CBR is based on passing basic skills to community-based workers so that the program is SUSTAINABLE  and can GROW over time
  5. It is ESSENTIAL to involve the parents and families members in the rehabilitation and inclusion activities

For more detailed information about UAFA’s CBR experience, please read: http://dcidj.org/article/view/466