Policy Statement

After the first visit to a State-run institution for children out of parental care, in 1998, it became evident that UAFA’s mission should be to improve the lives of children in care, and to work to prevent children from being placed in care.  In 2000, we published a piece of original research that involved visiting all the State-run child care institutions in Azerbaijan- ‘A Situation Analysis of Children’s Institutions 2000’.  Our objective since then have been:

  • To reduce the number of children in state care through deinstitutionalization efforts
  • To raise the level of institutional care for those children that remain in State care through introduction of Care Standard
  • Development of social services for children in need of special protection, as an alternative to institutions

UAFA brings together the practices of research, service provision and advocacy in order to effect child welfare reform.  Our work takes us into the key social policy sectors of education, healthcare and social protection.