Sinan Mammadli

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Sinan Mammadli

November 23, 2017 News Success Stories 0

A little kid from the Jalilabad region just proved that everything is possible!

Sinan Mammadli has been suffering from the speech and hearing complications. He is only 12 years old and despite his problems, he managed to achieve success!

Starting from the year of 2014 till today Sinan has been benefiting from UAFA’s CBR centers’ services in Jalilabad. This service is funded by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection under the Social Tender program. He has been attending both group and individual trainings. Now he became more cheerful, confident in his abilities and he enjoys being around with other children.

In 2016 Sinan started attending painting and dancing classes organized with support of Qala Həyat Insurance company. Teachers identified a little genius immediately. His talent and his motivation astonished not only his parents and mentors, but also his friends and relatives.

Sinan’s life dramatically changed during the New Year celebrations of 2016. Local officials noticed and were amazed by Sinan’s paintings, that were exhibited at Jalilabad Cultural center.  They fell in love with his work so much that Sinan’s first major exhibition was organized on their initiative.

It was only the beginning! After a couple of months Sinan’s second exhibition was held, but this time not in his native region, but far south in Lenkoran.

People from both regions showed a great interest in Sinan’s art and it was decided to give more people an opportunity to see Sinan’s creativity.

In January of 2017 Sinan’s largest exhibition was held at Baku’s Yunus Emre Institute.

His Baku exhibition was Sinan’s biggest achievement and his incredible story about how he made everything impossible being possible, shows us that sometimes we should give people a chance to discover their full potential and what great things they can do!

We all are proud of Sinan and we all wish him lots of luck.