Shabnam Ahmadova

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Shabnam Ahmadova

November 23, 2017 Success Stories 0

Disability is an Art: It’s an ingenious way to live…

Creativity has no disability. People with disabilities often express themselves through the Arts and become very successful painters, musicians, actors, dancers, singers, etc.
Shabnam Ahmadova is a 20 years old girl with hearing impairment. She has been using UAFA’s Yasamal CBR services since she was 4 years old. Shabnam has strong interest in Art, especially dancing and painting. She has actively participated in the social events organized by the UAFA centre and also regularly attended UAFA’s dancing and painting courses. She was awarded with diplomas for her successful participation at dancing competitions in Turkey and Moscow.

She studied at school N 55 in Khatai district and left school when she was at 9th form to apply to a college education. After successfully passing state university entrance examinations in 2015 she has been admitted to the Faculty of Art of the Pedagogical College in Baku.
Her dream is to become a famous artist and to become an independent woman who can support herself and her family.

Her family has to pay for her studies (600 AZN a year) and they have difficulties in doing so. This year UAFA raised 400 AZN for Shabnam’s studies at the college, but the family is still struggling to find funds for paying the tuition fee for the next year. Both parents are jobless now. The mother is taking care of her son with visual impairment and she doesn’t have a chance to work. The father was left jobless after the closure of the company he was working at. The family is in need of financial assistance to take care of their children with disabilities.  They live in Khirdalan in the house of their relative and does not have home of their own.
Everyone is welcome to support the family through either donating for Shabnam’s study expenses or in any other way.