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November 23, 2017 Success Stories 0
One of the most needed services in Azerbaijan changed Roya’s life: Now she doesn’t have to live in a chicken coop…

Social Workers are the bridge between citizens and state bodies, services and existing resources. Social work is one of the most needed services in Azerbaijan these days! Even though there is a special state program called “Targeted Social Assistance” for people who need social protection, many citizens are either not aware of it or do not know how to benefit.

Roya from Siyazan who lives a difficult life with her 3 children is one of them. Two of her children suffer from epilepsy and bronchial asthma. She divorced from her husband who didn’t care of his family and children. After divorce she returned to live in her parent’s house together with two brothers and their families. But there were not enough rooms to accommodate her and her children, so they decided to somehow repair the chicken coop in the yard and move there.  But it was impossible to live in miserable conditions with a child with bronchial asthma. Roya’s daughter couldn’t go to school regularly because of her illness.

The chicken coop which Roya lived in with her children

Despite these difficulties Roya continued to take care of her children and never thought of placing them in to state social institutions. Her father and brothers decided to build a small house for her. Friends and neighbors knew family is poor enough and helped them how they can. Roya was not aware of existing social and disability allowances that she could apply to and didn’t know about free medication benefit either. She even didn’t believe she can benefit from all these privileges.

Acquaintance with UAFA’s social worker made her to believe that she can solve all her problems. After she had been empowered by the social worker her life totally changed: now she doesn’t live in a chicken coop but in normal house as others. With the money that UAFA raised for the family Roya could build the unfinished house; her children’s health are getting better and better and they can attend school regularly. She is also benefiting from free medication, targeted social assistance program and receiving disability allowance for her children following the advice and support that UAFA’s social worker gave to Roya.

Roya’s new house

So now social work is becoming a very pressing issue, since once social work is organized on a state level we can gain results below:

  • New work places can be available;
  • graduates of appropriate universities as professional social workers can be employed according to their qualification and contribute to our country;
  • Complaint and aid request letters to Heydar Aliyev Foundation, President and President Administration, different Ministries, private businesses and organizations, well-known people can be significantly reduced;
  • Negative attitude, complaints and tension against government can be resolved; suicide cases can be reduced;
  • Problems of vulnerable, poor, disable people can be solved in time and effectively.