Rasul Mammadli

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Rasul Mammadli

November 23, 2017 Success Stories 0

Success knows no boundaries…

Disability is not inability, it is just a human condition in which person’s movements, senses or activities are restricted. But in all progressive societies equal opportunities and equal rights are in place so that people with disabilities can lead a decent life, including access to good education, career opportunities, leisure, etc. The most important thing in the life of a disabled person is to be not disabled in spirit and to persist with being successful in the way they can.

Mammadli Rasul, 20 years old boy is suffering from cerebral palsy. Despite of his disability he never lost his zest for life. He is very active and has lots of friends. But most intimate of his friends are his mother and sister who are very supportive and take a very good care of him.

Rasul’s dream is to become a successful textile businessman and to settle in Los Angeles. He is reading Koran for better understanding of Islam and its values. “I want people to live peacefully wherever they are and not to be scared of Islam”, he says. Nowadays Islamophobia is much common in America and Rasul thinks it is not promising anything good for the whole mankind.

Rasul is also very positive and a source of motivation for the people around him. He was the one who emotionally supported his sister to pursue her dreams and to study abroad. “I cannot move, cannot walk out of this room, but you can do it at any time you want and you should”, he told his dispirited sister. Now his sister is already back from her studies abroad and very grateful to Rasul for his motivating words that moved her towards her dreams.

Rasul has been attending UAFA’s Yasamal CBR centre since 6 years old. He benefited many social activities organized by the center and also received training at photography courses at the center where he could move his right hand for the first time. He joined the pilot project of the Ministry of Education (MoE) on distant education at school N 20.

Now Rasul is a third year full-time student of Baku Islamic University and gets excellent marks. He can speak Russian, Turkish, English and Azerbaijani and now is learning Persian and Arabian languages. His biggest motivation for learning Arabic language is to be able to read Koran in the original language and get to know God through his words to the mankind.

This year he took part in the 5 th Persian Language Olympiad organized by Cultural Centre under Iranian Embassy in the Republic of Azerbaijan and was awarded with a diploma for successful participation.

Rasul used to have a notebook donated by the MoE when he was the part of pilot project on distant education, but the notebook was taken back at the end of the project. As a student he needed to have a computer and UAFA donated one to him so that he can use it for his studies.

Rasul is living with his family in a five-storey building in Baku where there is no elevator. It is very much difficult for his family to carry him every day to the university and back. Currently Rasul’s mother and father are jobless and living a difficult life.

Even though Rasul still have some problems, as a result of his rehabilitation at UAFA’s Yasamal centre he is now more confident and socially integrated. He has many friends at the university and he is very faithful in his own future.